prayer at the heart of New mexico
Join us July 23 in Corona, NM for a special day of focused
strategic prayer for our beautiful State.  We hope to have
friends from all 33 Counties and 23 Tribal Nations. 


The village of Corona has a beautiful park with picnic
areas, lake,  shady pavilion, and children's playground,  
Mayor Sam Seely, and the Village Planning Group
has enthusiastically welcomed us into their community
and been very helpful with planning and suggestions.


There are many RV spaces available in the area, and the
Corona Motel has 9 rooms, with UFO themed rooms
(Corona  is near the crash site of the Roswell Incident). 
Corona Motel phone is (575) 404-8134, for reservations.   
There are also motels available at Carrizozo (38 miles) and
Mountainair (48 miles).  I'll get contact info up shortly. 
We want to thank the amazing family
for the work, the resources, and above all, the prayer
that is bringing this event together.  


NM PATH Coordinator,, (505) 417-4332. (575) 937-3528
Jim Montoya  (505) 440-9770




Register for event

If you have several in your group, just send as an email to rather than listing each one.


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